Bryan Buswell

Card Payments & Utilities Consultant

My name is Bryan Buswell, and as a Card Payments & Utilities Consultant, I believe passionately that everyone should be getting a better deal, whilst receiving great service, good advice, all with the added benefit of dedicated Account Management and Simplicity. 





Card Payment Solutions - Energy - Telecoms - Water:

I offer you independent advice on finding the right deal for your card payments and utilities, saving you time, money and trouble.  I compare prices from multiple providers to ensure you get the best deal.



Energy - Broadband - Mobile - Insurance & 1%-7% off ALL your Shopping:

"Simplicity - Savings - Service'

"Everybody Saves with UW"

With Everybody Saves, we guarantee customers will pay less with us than with their current suppliers. 

I help you save money with essential utilities and ALL the shopping you are already doing, with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, a FTSE250 company.

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1 out of every 4 people are looking to make an extra income - Is this YOU? Or someone you know?

Part-time, Full-time, or from time-to-time:

Please take a look at the many short stories, that show-case just how many different types of people are making a success of this business, mainly alongside a full time job and family/other commitments, from single mothers, teachers, police-officers, nurses, business-owners, professionals and many more:

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I help a team of like-minded individuals, and new Partners that join our team, to make extra money in their spare time and build a better lifestyle with extra money now, as well as to help them build a *'residual' style income, which is will-able to their family and giving them better lifestyle choices in the future (*also known as Passive Income or Royalty Income).

Work from home - Total Flexibility, No Targets, No Boss. Do it Part time, (most people) or full time, or from time to time, short term, long term. YOUR choice.

If you are a "SAM' - Switched on, Ambitious and Motivated, and also Willing, Coachable and HUNGRY, and can find a few hours a week, that from month 1, and certainly within 3-7 years could give you serious choices, to reduce your hours, quit working, spend more time doing the things you want to do, with the people you want to be with, get in touch.


I can help you and people you know.